Web Services for TOP END®

Leverage Your Existing TOP END Investment by Exposing TOP END Server Applications as Web Services

Achieves the Benefits of Web Services
Increases Top End Functionality
No New Top End Development
Avoids or Delays Costly Migration
Ease of Implementation and Deployment

Web Services for TOP END offers a set of operations through which many Web Service clients can interact with many TOP END application servers that may be deployed across many TOP END systems.

TTM has developed a proof of concept that gives Web Services clients access to TOP END server applications and is based on the following requirements:

  • Make available to Web Service clients the services or functionality provided by existing TOP END server applications.
  • No additional requirements are to be placed on existing TOP END server applications and their source code.
  • The server applications must operate as-is and should not require any recompilation or re-linking.
  • The software components must provide a complete black-box solution or product apart from providing external configuration or definition files. No additional TOP END software programming is required.

The initial release of TOP END Web Services presents a RESTful API for TOP END. To download the prototype and corresponding documentation in one zip archive file, click here. An upcoming release will also support the SOAP Web Service protocol.

Web Services for TOP END
TTM realizes that there is no “one size fits all” solutions. However the REST architectural style provides a lightweight and faster alternative to the WSDL and XML-bloated SOAP.

TTM’s Web Services for TOP END is designed to address both SOAP and RESTful Web Services. The first release of Web Services for TOP END supports the RESTful approach to Web Services.
  • Reuses TOP END services and preserve investment in TOP END
  • Exposes existing TOP END server applications (services) as Web Services, thus giving all Web Services clients access to those services
  • Does not place any new requirement (e.g., source code modification, recompiling, re-linking, etc.) on the TOP END server applications. The server applications run as-is and no new development is required on TOP END
  • Leverages existing packages to mitigate development time and costs
  • Deployable on any J2EE application server platform (e.g., Geronimo and WebSphere) or can run stand-alone
  • Utilizes existing TOP END transaction managers to provide transactional Web Services
  • Provides simultaneous access to multiple TOP END systems
  • Uses connection pooling for automatic failover and load balancing across multiple TOP END nodes
  • Supports hot deployment of Web Services, thereby reducing downtime

TOP END® MiddlewareA quiet achiever, TOP END® is in use at the largest systems in the world including Wal-Mart Stores, Harrah's Entertainment, British Airways, Reuters, Citi-Egg Banking, SEARS, Airline Reporting Corporation, Vodafone and Telstra Australia among others.

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