CtO-JExpressCtO-JExpress, which is a 100% pure Java API package (com.cto.net) for TOP END, is the next major release of the CtO- JNet product.

CtO-JExpress is modeled after the java.net package (i.e., Sockets) and implements the core Java InputStream and OutputStream classes. Thus, CtO-JExpress gives Java developers a well-known and easy to use Java API through which they can develop distributed, TOP END Java client and server applications.

  • Multithreaded access to TOP END.

  • Simultaneous connectivity to multiple TOP END systems; therefore, a CtO-JExpress application can simultaneously communicate with one or more TOP END systems. This feature is not available in the previous CtO-JNet release.

  • Two-phase commit, transactional capabilities at the connection level. For example, all the work (i.e., sends/receives to services) that is carried out through a CtO-JExpress connection can be made part of a global, distributed transaction. These are referred to as 'transactional connections'. The transaction is managed by TOP END's transaction management facility. The application may have many active connections that are being managed by different threads of execution; therefore, CtO-JExpress also allows each thread of execution to independently manage its own transaction. This feature is not available in the previous CtO-JNet release.

  • Enhanced performance over the original CtO-JNet product.

  • Connection pool manager/factory.

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