Apache ActiveMQ Foundation Guide

The Foundation for ActiveMQ (PDF book) is intended for software professionals interested in learning more about messaging middleware. It introduces the reader to the basic concepts of messaging, transactions, Java Messaging Service (JMS) and the benefits of Apache ActiveMQ. It lays the basis for understanding the how and why ActiveMQ provides an excellent foundation for building a modern computer messaging infrastructure using Open Source Software.

For more in-depth information on ActiveMQ, please check out our ActiveMQ Reference Guide Kit. This kit includes over 200 pages of ActiveMQ documentation and lots of source code that you can leverage to get a better understanding of this incredible open source messaging framework. Its a great value!

With over 50 pages, the Foundation for ActiveMQ guide takes you through a brief history of pre-computer messaging and how it contributed to the evolution of what is now referred to as "middleware". It also introduces the reader to the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Java Messaging Services (JMS) and Apache ActiveMQ. It is offered free, as part of the Open Source and Apache ActiveMQ community outreach.

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