ActiveMQ Monitor (AMon)

AMon is a highly configurable and extensible enterprise-class monitoring framework for the Apache ActiveMQ message broker. AMon gives systems administrators and managers the ability to monitor the overall health and performance of the ActiveMQ message broker. For more information on AMon, please download the AMon User Guide (pdf) document or for a quick overview download the AMon Overview Slides (pdf). See the table below to download the fully-functional product, which also includes sample code and user guide, for your particular operating platform.



Download Link

Windows Distribution for ActiveMQ 5.2

Windows Distribution for ActiveMQ 5.3

Unix/Linux Distribution for ActiveMQ 5.2


Unix/Linux Distribution for ActiveMQ 5.3


AMon Product Sheet


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 All of the source code is now included in the ActiveMQ Reference Guide Kit

Please read through the installation instructions.

AMon Benefits Include:

  • SNMP Support: Allows you to monitor ActiveMQ via the SNMPv2 protocol.
  • Quick and Customizable: Quickly develop custom monitoring agents (Monlets) for the ActiveMQ message broker without having to change the core ActiveMQ product.
  • Apache Camel: Monlets are deployed as Camel Routes and can thus leverage the power of the Camel integration framework.
  • Trigger Monitoring: Monlets can be designed to automatically invoke actions (e.g., initiate scripts, send alerts, update a database, etc.). This feature helps reduce downtime and increases efficiency of the ActiveMQ system.
  • Metrics and Performance Data: Monlets can be customized to provide performance data that can be used by operators for observation of system performance.
  • Audit: Monlets can provide historical data of system performance, which is useful for planning deployment of additional hardware and software.
  • Logging: AMon provides the ability to easily transform selected broker log messages into SNMP notifications.
  • JVM Monitoring: AMon allows Monlets to monitor conditions associated with the broker's hosting Java Virtual Machine (JVM).


 For AMon support, implementation and Monlet development services, 
please contact TTM at:
760-591-0273 or email




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