TTM participates in IBM's Partnerworld program and supports TOP END middleware on the AIX platform. TTM also provides enhancements and documentation for ActiveMQ, a component of IBM's Websphere Application Server Community Edition (WASCE).

TTM participates in HP's Solution Provider Program and supports Top End middleware on the HP-UX 11 platform.

TTM partners with Dell to provide Middleware solutions and services, including TOP END Middleware on SUSE Linux on Dell hardware.

With over 12-15 years of supporting NCR and some of their largest users, TTM enables NCR's customers to leverage their large Middleware investments by providing interoperability and integration solutions and services.

TTM continues a 12-year relationship with NCR's Teradata division to support their large users with TOP END and related solutions. TTM supports, maintains, certifies, and enhances the middleware environment.

Apache Software Foundation
TTM is a contributor and supportor of the Apache ActiveMQ project. ActiveMQ is a powerful open source message oriented middleware system.

Savoir Technologies
Support, documentation and the development of complimentary products

TTM is a member of the Intel® Early Access Program, which provides TTM access to the latest Intel technologies, platforms, technical support, and training programs.

TTM partners with Novell to provide Middleware solutions and services, including supporting TOP END Middleware on SUSE Linux.

TTM partners with Microsoft to provide customers with interoperation and integration solutions and services.

Sun Microsystems®
TTM is part of Oracle's Java Developer Connection.

Hitachi Software
TTM partners with Hitachi Software to provide EAI solutions based on Hitachi's TPBroker Product Suite.

Apache ActiveMQ Monitor
An enterprise class monitoring system for ActiveMQ.
Apache ActiveMQ5 Reference Guide v2.0
An ActiveMQ Reference Guide to help you get started with ActiveMQ.
Apache ActiveMQ LDAP & JDBC Security Plugin
Dynamically reconfigurable ActiveMQ security plugins.
Foundation Guide for ActiveMQ
An introduction to messaging and ActiveMQ.
Remote access to data sources via J2EE web service.