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Thousands of readers rely on TTM's "Apache ActiveMQ Reference Guide" (PDF book) to learn how to implement, deploy, administer, and tune Apache ActiveMQ. The Reference Guide, which is also a great ActiveMQ training companion, gives you nearly 200 pages of comprehensive material. This book includes details on how to work with ActiveMQ components, connectors, client/broker configuration, master/slave configuration, administration, logging, performance tuning and advanced features. Click here to download a table of contents and preview of the Apache ActiveMQ Reference Guide.

The Reference Guide also provides you with instructions (page 1 of the guide) on how to access the source code and documentation for the following components:

  • ActiveMQ Monitor (AMon): AMon is a highly configurable and extensible monitoring framework for the ActiveMQ message broker. It allows you to create customized monitoring agents (Monlets) that you embed directly into the broker and can monitor all aspects of the broker. Also take advantage of Camel to have Monlets send alerts via email, to a database, sms, etc. For more information on AMon, please download the AMon User Guide (pdf) and/or visit the AMon web page.
  • Simple Performance Utility: A simple, but highly configurable command line performance utility that generates producer and consumer throughput metrics.
  • ActiveMQ Security Plugins: These ActiveMQ plugin modules provide for dynamically reconfigurable authentication and authorization security services. Dynamic reconfiguration allows you to update the plugins' configuration without having to stop and restart the ActiveMQ message broker. This is also referred to as "hot deployment" or "dynamic reloading". The source code for these packages shows you how easy it is to control access to topics and/or queues and also shows you how to extend ActiveMQ's functionality through its "broker plugin" interface. These are the three security plugins that you will find in the vault.
    • ttm-ldapsecurity-2.0
    • ttm-jdbcsecurtiy-2.0
    • file-security-2.0
    All three packages, which include a comprehensive user guide, have been certified for ActiveMQ 5.3.
  • Camel-based Framework For Message Driven POJOs: The MDP framework is a simple convenience mechanism that completely isolates a POJO from the underlying JMS provider. This Camel and Spring based framework covers topics such as dependency injection, introspection, annotations, Spring configuration files, bean auto-wiring, Camel producer/consumer templates, Camel routes, and lots more.
  • Sample SecureChat Application: A very simple chat application that uses JMS Topics
  • Sample StockWatch Application: A web-based JMS application that uses the Australian Stock Exchange
Apache ActiveMQ Monitor
An enterprise class monitoring system for ActiveMQ.
Apache ActiveMQ5 Reference Guide v2.0
An ActiveMQ Reference Guide to help you get started with ActiveMQ.
Apache ActiveMQ LDAP & JDBC Security Plugin
Dynamically reconfigurable ActiveMQ security plugins.
Foundation Guide for ActiveMQ
An introduction to messaging and ActiveMQ.
Remote access to data sources via J2EE web service.