Apache ActiveMQ LDAP and JDBC Security Plugins

TTM's LDAP and JDBC Security Plugins are ActiveMQ plugin modules that use a LDAP directory server and relational database, respectively, to provide dynamically reconfigurable authentication and authorization security services. The Plugins and their source code are included in the ActiveMQ Reference Guide Kit.

The primary benefit of using a LDAP directory service or database, is that all security-related information, which pertains to ActiveMQ clients and resources (i.e., topics and queues), is centrally and securely stored and managed. This is especially attractive for large enterprise class environments that employ tens if not hundreds of ActiveMQ message brokers.

These security plugins also provide for dynamic runtime configuration. This feature allows you to make modifications to the security information in the directory or database and not have to stop and restart the ActiveMQ message broker(s) to have those modifications take effect.

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