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Total Transaction Management (TTM) recognizes the value, importance and the integrity of all transactional data. We strive to integrate new technologies with existing infrastructure to avoid redundancy.

TTM supports mission critical systems that are the cornerstone of successful organizations. Transactions of any form need to be managed, maintained and protected. As transactions become more complex and more valuable we realize the need to provide solutions to give our customers a competitive edge.

The quality of our 24x7 worldwide support bears testimony to our fully meeting the expectations of some of the world's largest users.

If you would like more information about TTM, please email us or download our profile. We would be happy to hear from you.

Since 1995, TTM has been and continues to be part of the growth, change and support of transactional messaging middleware. TTM's level of professionalism produces products and provides services in a manner that is consistent with ISO and world class standards. With an average level of experience exceeding 20 years of developing and maintaining commercial software systems, our engineers have embraced many programming languages and relevant technologies, while solving customer requirements and support with 100% satisfaction.

TTM is now applying its expertise and skills to Open Source Software (OSS) messaging middleware with the goal of providing the same level of professional results with Open Source solutions based on Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects.

Our CtO products, coupled with open source solutions, help ensure interoperability between the emerging SOA and more established mature technologies. Therefore, we prevent the inconvenience and costly replacement of proven and working middleware, and work to deliver integrated Open Source solutions when and where it meets the customer's need.

Linux has been the vanguard of Open Source Software and is now widely accepted. TTM has worked with Linux from the beginning to deliver solutions on Linux for our customers and partners.

The ASF is another OSS technology platform that is making its mark in messaging middleware. With the ASF's well-defined and organised approach to the developer and user community, TTM is committing to work with customers to deliver quality Open Source based software solutions, training, documentation and support.

TTM is committed to support the Apache ActiveMQ messaging platform and related solutions. We are applying our experience to ensure that the appropriate standards, practices, and procedures are in place to satisfy our customers corporate governance needs.

We look forward to working with our customers and partners to provide all the necessary professional services that will make TTM's Open Source Software Solutions™ an attractive and cost saving experience with world-class support.

IRS Payment

Anexsys, LLC, is a joint venture owned by the Bank One Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, and Firstar, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Anexsys e-government solutions bring decision-makers the rapid development, implementation and management expertise required to meet the transaction processing needs of large infrastructure service providers. The Anexsys award-winning call-center operations and marketing programs generate widespread use and acceptance of our solutions.

Anexsys provides a 99.91% accuracy rate in processing transactions for the IRS.

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